MAG MOUNT TAXI COMPLETE bnc 162 -174 mhz 50 mm base max

Mag mount Taxi with 50 mm base bnc

Product information

Taxi mag mount with a 50 mm  mag base 
 Max performance
The antenna comes complete with a BNC connector attached, Ideal for the VHF high Taxi band
This mag mount is manufactured to a good quality, better than some advertised, the antenna comes complete - ready for use after whip trimming. Capable of handling 40 watts rf
The magnetic base has a rubberised coating to prevent scratching, the whip can be unscrewed away from the base and has an Allen key joint to remove the whip from its holder.
The cable is pre fitted with a bnc connector
Cable length 5mts
Cable type RG58 CU or URM 76 equivalent
Connector BNC
Mag base 50mm
Power rating 40 watts max
Impedance 50 omh
Whip length variable dependant on frequency
Frequency range 162 - 174 mhz marine, tetra and UHF available

Technical specifications

Brand RWB
Condition New
Weight 0.48kg