Product information

Antenna whip holder
FERRULE/LUG - ANTENNA PART - LUG UNIT The WHIP HOLDER/LUG adapter allows the antenna whip to be slotted in the top and secured, the base of the unit fits directly into the (HAL) hinged unit.
This unit is suitable as a replacement part for the body mount kits & MAG MOUNTS we sell in our shop.
The WHIP HOLDER/lug unit has one Allen key screw, this screw tightens to fasten the antenna whip
The base is fitted with a hole to allow it to be secured in the HAL unit.
18" whip complete with lug & hal unit also available
Black metal: Secured by one Allen screw
Operating Frequency: VHF/low/high UHF MHz
Dimensions as follows
Height: 25mm Diameter: 10mm Securing Hole size: 8mm Slot size: 6mm
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Technical specifications

Brand RWB
Condition New
Weight 0.068kg